Obituary Mr John HOWARD, formerly of Tulla

After a few days of Broadford records, it’s time for a change of location to nearby Tulla. I “love” how the poor wife misses out on having her name stated in these obituaries even though all the children are listed.

The Catholic Press, 5 October 1939.

The Catholic Press, 5 October 1939.

The Yongala in which he lost his son Thomas, was lost, apparently during a cyclone off the coast of Queensland in April 1911.

The Northern Miner, 31 March 1911, page 5. There is such pathos in reading of the elderly woman whose two sons and a nephew were on board.

The Northern Miner, 31 March 1911, page 5. There is such pathos in reading of the elderly woman whose two sons and a nephew were on board.

From John’s age at death based on the cemetery records below, it should be possible for any family member to find his baptism in the Tulla parish registers by ordering in the microfilm.

Baptisms and marriages, 1819-1880. Family History Library British Film 979693 Item 4

From the Fields of Mars cemetery records available here, we learn that it’s likely (but not certain) his wife’s name was Bridget.

Names: John Howard
Service Date: 28 Jul 1939
Date of Death: 27 Aug 1939
Age: 86
Gender: M
Register Number: 4511
Burial Type: Burial
Location: Section Grave C Grave : 57
Interred in this burial site :
Surname Given Name Service Date Age Location
Howard John 28 Jul 1939 86 SEC*C***57
Howard Bridget 24 Dec 1946 SEC*C***57

5 thoughts on “Obituary Mr John HOWARD, formerly of Tulla

  1. John’s wife certainly was BRIDGET. John Howard was the husband of my great aunt BRIDGET HOGAN. Bridget’s sister, my other great aunt, lived with the couple, and their family at Drummoyne having never married herself.

    • Those Hogans are popping up everywhere all of a sudden!! I’m glad to have confirmation of the wife, and imagine you have more info to share with me -or we can add it here as you prefer. Is she another Glenomera woman?

      • This Bridget Hogan would also be related to you Pauleen!
        She is one of the daughters of JOHN HOGAN who was the Coachman/Groom on the Glenomera Estate, in County Clare. All of John’s children, with the exception of one (Michael Hogan), remained at home in Ireland and worked the land.
        John Hogan was the brother of Patrick Hogan who was married to Winifred Skehan. (So you will have to figure out how she is related to you yourself or I will go crazy trying to do it.)
        Bridget and her sister Mary travelled out here together and once Mary married John Howard, Mary, as I have posted above, lived with Bridget’s family for entire life, never marrying herself. Mary died in 1925.
        Mary and Bridget both travelled here together on the “Commonwealth” in 1877 by which time her parents were listed as living at Springmount, County Clare. My research shows John Hogan dying in about 1877 so I wonder if that was the reason which caused the girls to finally join the rest of the family in NSW. The girls’ mother (John Hogan’s wife) was one Bridget Scully who has remained a mystery to this day.
        So another “Glenomera” girl! The children were, from all evidence, very proud of their fathers’ position on the estate.

      • The relationship would only be through marriage Kerri, as Patrick’s wife, Kate O’Brien was my 2x great grandmother’s sister, so they are distant in-laws. Great to have the history of this family. PS I think you have a slip-up/typo there… Winifred was John and Patrick’s mother.

      • My mistake Kerri – you were talking of Patrick and Winirred and I was thinking of the son who married into my O’Brien clan. I’m thinking there’s a connection by marriage but technically not a relation?

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