Bartholomew MOLONEY aka MALONEY, Truagh, Clare

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went searching for Margaret Moloney’s husband, Bartholomew, who it turned out was also from Clare.

Initially I checked the SRNSW Immigration records.  As his Christian name is unusual, there is only one person with that name in the immigration records. He arrived on the John Temperley in August 1863, a ship with at least 26 passengers from East Clare. The online shipping records indicate he came from Trugh (Truagh), County Clare in the parish of Doonass. He was 22 and a James Maloney, 21, is also listed from the same place, so perhaps his brother?

Next port of call was to check my East Clare database for the John Templerley as I knew this was a ship which had quite a number of East Clare people on it. However he appears to be an omission on my part, probably due to the confusion of the place name -something I need to remedy for the future.

I knew from researching his wife, that Bartholomew had died in 1899, and been buried at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery. Once again I searched Trove and found this obituary. I always find it intriguing how little mention the wives get in this reports.

Death of Mr. Bartholomew , Maloney. (1899, December 23). The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942), p. 16. Retrieved March 20, 2014, from

Death of Mr. Bartholomew , Maloney. (1899, December 23). The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 – 1942), p. 16. Retrieved March 20, 2014, from

I rather like the idea of him being a “thoroughly practical Catholic”. Given he died with “considerable means” it would be interesting to read the documents on his deceased estate at State Records NSW.

MOLONEY B Redfern 14/12/1899 14/06/1900 [19/10209] 3028

His funeral notice also confirms the name of his wife.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Friday 15 December 1899, page 12

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Friday 15 December 1899, page 12

Daniel MOLONEY of Shark Creek (and Broadford)

Mr Daniel Moloney’s obituary in the Freeman’s Journal of 26 March 1931 is a genealogy in itself – a veritable gold mine, especially as the Moloney surname is not uncommon in Broadford. It even provides us with the ship he arrived on, the John Temperley. I have a lot of emigration data on this ship including disposal lists and surgeons’ reports from State Records NSW but nary a word of Daniel Moloney, which means I can’t cross-check his parents right now. There are some Maloney and Maloughneys but none are Daniel. There were at least 25 identified East Clare emigrants on the John Temperley but for my own research I now need to do further exploration into the Maloneys who seem to have slipped my net.

NSW BDM show Daniel’s parents as Michael and Bridget Moloney. 


Assuming the aged stated in his obituary is roughly correct he would have been born c1844, making it borderline whether he sneaks in after the Broadford/Kilseily parish records commence in April 1844. I do not have Daniel’s name in my records but I do have the baptisms of siblings Anne and Michael to parents Michael and Bridget Moloney of Fermoyle (in Kilmore townland)- again assuming the information provided to his death certificate was correct. If this was my direct family I would be purchasing the certificate.

I also note there is an entry on the Clare Library Emigration Database for a Delia Moloney who emigrated to Philadelphia and whose father was James Moloney of Fermoyle.

Trove article128789776-3-001

Trove article128789776-3-001

I’m not totally sure what the AHC Guild is, as quoted here, but I suspect it is the Hibernians with their emerald green regalia and gold trimming like my own grandfather wore.

Shark Creek is near the town of Maclean in New South Wales, a very scenic area.

It should be noted this is an overview of this family based on the content of the obituary. There is a great deal more research which could be done especially by family members. I’d welcome contact from anyone who is related to this family, and comments from any readers.