Two East Clare Families: Reddan & Liddy

I have posted two stories about the Reddans from Gortnaglogh, Parish of Kilseily, and the Liddy family of Ballydonaghan at Kilnoe Parish on my main blog, simply because of DNA connections. However, their story is also relevant to the East Clare Emigrants since each had family members who emigrated.

These are the links:

The Reddan Family of Gortnaglogh: Part 1

The Reddan and Liddy Families: Part 2

I’d be very interested in hearing from any descendants of these families, either in Ireland or in the USA or elsewhere.

I’m also curious how many east Clare descendants have had their DNA tested…feel free to contact me if you wish.

2 thoughts on “Two East Clare Families: Reddan & Liddy

  1. Good day, My family immigrated around 1913 from Cooga and Ennis. Thomas and Elizabeth (Lawlor) Hannan. I will be there next month to see where they lived and worked. My grand father was a coachman at Paradise House (Henn House) between Ballynacally and Cooga. My great grandfather farmed land in Cooga and my great-great grandfather farmed land on Inishmacowney on the Shannon river.

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