Obituary Mrs Thomas COUGHLIN of Tulla

This obituary is interesting from a number of points of view.

Firstly it relates to a death in Ireland, and not a famous person, but rather the local blacksmith’s wife. His business may have been extensive but would not normally merit an international obituary.

Secondly it mentions her children living in Australia in some detail, namely, Mrs Matt Molloy of Casino NSW; Mrs William McCarthy of Helidon Qld; Pat Coughlin at Temora, NSW; and William Coughlin at Warwick, Qld.

Thirdly, and really of interest to me, is the dispersal of the family throughout Australia, wityh two in each state and while Warwick and Helidon people might meet up occasionally, it’s a long way between Temora and Casino. Also of interest to me is that Temora (I had to look it up) is not all that far from Urana where Bridget O’Brien Widdup from Broadford settled.

I really believe that the emigrants chose where they wanted to live and set up home. Obviously the pull of family was not necessarily enough to make them move closer. I wonder who the other five children were, and whether they remained in Ireland, or if some moved to the United States etc.

I was also intrigued/amused by dying “in the odour of sanctity”…too much incense perhaps?

The Catholic Press, 2 December 1909, page 29

The Catholic Press, 2 December 1909, page 29